Working in traditional agency networks for over 25 years, we became frustrated by unnecessary layers slowing the process and not always getting the right people ‘on the job’.

We believe getting the best talent on every job means they cannot live under one roof. Flex create and curate bespoke teams who come together and focus intently on solving your problem. At our centre are the founders, your solid stable core. They will work on your brand and personally cast the wider project teams, made up of dynamic talent. It’s very different from most rigid models, but different is what makes us stand out in the world.

And because of our pool of talent, there’s no need to go running around multiple agencies – we can easily flex to your needs.


Great ideas and brilliant creative count for nothing if they aren’t delivered on-time and on-budget. Our founders have been trusted to deliver large and small brand projects for big agency networks. At Flex we orchestrate every project from start to finish, making your life easy and keeping your budget under control. Supported by collaborative technology and uncomplicated processes, it means we always get things done!


At our heart we are about doing great work, and we love what we do. Each and every one of our ‘awarded associates’ are highly skilled discipline champions. We handpick only the best talent for your brief, which means you always get the right person for the job. Our talent network has craft built into their DNA. They are artists and Flex is the stage for them to perform. Brilliantly.

Our Founders

Jonathan Dalton (JD)

JD brings 25 years’ experience in a broad range of disciplines – he developed in-house creative studios and strategy for Williams Lea and Xerox (UK), designed and implemented marketing workflow solutions with ITG and oversees marketing outsourced models for large B2B brands. Creative at heart JD has bridged the gap between agencies, procurement, marketing, IT and C-Level objectives.

Bill McGeorge

Over a 30 year career, Bill has held positions as Operations Director at leading agencies including AKQA, Geometry Global, Joshua and JWT. His passion is delivering wonderfully crafted creative, design and production work, always finding the best possible solution to ensure work is done brilliantly and at a fair price.

Andy Dougan

An exceptional brand leader with over 20 years experience delivering effective consumer and trade engagement solutions. Passionate about the convergence of creativity, data, tech and innovation to deliver experiences and entertainment that drive growth. Commercially savvy with an excellent track record in creating and developing successful teams through the nurturing of talent and the establishment of winning, entrepreneurial cultures.

Peter Lidgey

Peter is agency through and through, with over 20 years’ experience at some of the best shops around; from start-ups, medium sized consultancies through to large networked businesses. He’s a retail and shopper marketing expert with a winning approach to creating brand communication that ‘gets people buying’. He brings with him a wealth of experience in e-commerce, social media solutions, new product launches as well as traditional retail activation, category strategy and promotional marketing.

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